Scotty McCreery interview!



The Green Team talking to Scotty McCreery about his new single, new album and tour!  Click below and check it out.

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15 Responses to Scotty McCreery interview!

  • JeanR says:

    What a great interview you did with Scotty – love his talking voice almost as much as his singing one. Great hearing See You Tonight on the radio.

  • Mary says:

    I’m another of those not teenagers that LOVE Scotty! His voice is amazing and he is such a grounded young man. As we like to say Grandmas for Scotty rock.

  • Hilda l. Lozano says:

    Love your enthusiasm during your interview with Our Scotty, God Bless and thank you for showing some love to the best Country singer today. Remember McCreerians Rock!!!

  • Bob Johnson says:

    what a nice interview with Scotty McCreery, what a great speaking voice and singing voice and a role model/ He truly is an American Idol. Thank you for the interview with him. the interviewer mention that his aunt was 70 years old. I am a 76 year old Grandpa from Portland, Oregon and up here in the Northwest at a Concert in Southern Oregon town of Jacksonville, Oregon it was amazing to see there were ages from 6 to 90 year olds at his Concert.

    thanks again, Bob

  • Ann pickens says:

    The interview with Scotty was great your station is awsome .we all love Scotty amazing young man very humble and down to earth .Scotty seemed very excited to talk to your station . Great job you made my day Thank you.

  • Elise says:

    Nice interview! To me Scotty
    has THE BEST VOICE in a new artist that I have heard in a long time! Honestly, I have been listening to his Christmas album all year long, just can’t put it away! Scotty is awesome and his voice is even better live, which is very rare these days. Also, his fans are very diverse, all ages love him!! I have been to two of his concerts, and he is just wonderful on stage!! Any time he is anywhere near me in concert, I will be there, and I will buy everything he records! Thank you so much for having him and playing his beautiful new song!!

  • Claudia says:

    Thanks for a great interview with Scotty, I am is biggest fan from the UK, Loved him the first time I heard his beautiful deep voice, singing and speaking. As a person I think he is such a role model. He is such a great performer, Would love to see him in concert one day! But being so far away you tube will have to do.

  • Barb says:

    Thanks for that wonderful interview with Scotty. You seemed genuinely interested in talking with him & Scotty gave great answers to your questions. Can’t wait for the new CD!

  • Gail Drayton says:

    Scotty is on his way to being a top country star. He started out running and is taking all of us with him. I love everything he represents. Keep doing what you’re doing Scotty….you’re my # 1 man!

    Red Sox territory

  • Priscilla says:

    Love the interview!!! He’s such a down to earth your man!!!! Am old enough to be Scotty’s Grandma; but I do LOVE this young man!! He was the AI winner in my book the second I heard his voice.

  • Carla Baccus says:

    Great interview with Scotty. Always love to hear Scotty in an interview. Can hardly wait for his new album.
    Fan forever in Texas

  • Elouise Wiemken says:

    I am a 73 year old grandma and great grandma.My daughter went to one of your concerts and then called me to brag,but she did buy me one of you shirts.I think your love of God will keep you in the top for a long time.He gave you a beautiful voice so you could take his message with you whereever you go.I could listen to you sing all day love you Scotty and God bless you

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