Shortly after 3:00 Saturday afternoon Trace’s two youngest daughters, Brianna & Trinity, along with their nanny and a family friend were watching a movie when they heard a loud noice. They thought maybe a shelf had fallen so the nanny went to the kitchen but didnt see anything, she then opened the door to the garage and saw that the washer and dryer had fallen over and saw smoke. At that time she ushered the kids outside where they made their way to their meeting place that they had been taught to go to incase of a fire. They called 911, firefighters were on the scene 4 minutes after the call. Trace’s wife, Rhonda, had been in Atlanta that day but was on her way home from the airport at the time. She was only about 3 minutes from home when she got the call, she said that she could see the black smoke at that time and thought “this cant be happening”. Trace was on a plane to Alaska and wouldn’t land until 11:30 that night so he had no idea what was going on. Both Rhonda and Brianna were very calm while explaining to reporters what had happened.  There were no injuries other than a neighbor who was bitten on the face by the Adkins’ dog that he was trying to recue from the burning home. Brianna also got a couple of scratches from one of the dogs. The home is a total loss. The family has a cabin on a farm in Eaglesville, just a few miles south of their Brentwood home, where they will stay.

Rhonda pleads that everyone practice fire safety, which she gives credit to saving her childrens lives. She also urges everyone to back up your photos which she had not done, now she says she has lost all her family photos as well as her wedding pictures.

Please pray for the Adkins’ family as they deal with this terrible loss and start all over.

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