Keith Urban “reads” to his daughter

Keith Urban shares his experience of what it was like for him and his family while he was recently on vocal rest. He says that not singing for that period of time was not nearly as hard as not being able to talk, especially to his three-year-old daughter, Sunny. He could write notes to everybody except for her and it was hard for her to understand. “That was hard, but before I went on vocal rest, I have a cassette deck, an actual, real cassette deck. And I recorded several books onto this cassette tape,” tells Keith. “I would take that up and read to her at night by pressing the ‘play’ button and looking. She would hit the stop button and go, ‘I want you to read it!’” This part of his career was a challenge, but Keith is back! He performed for the first time since his surgery at Opry at the Ryman on February 3.

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