Paul Jolley interview

Paul JolleyPaul Jolley of Palmersville finished 9th on the 2013 season of American Idol.  His new album comes out very soon and the Green Team talked to him about it!!  Click below and listen!


Eric Close interview


Eric Close plays “Teddy Conrad” on the ABC show “Nashville”!  The Green Team spoke with Eric about the hit show and kissing all the pretty women like Connie Britton and Brad Paisley’s wife Kimberly.  It’s must-hear radio!!  Click & listen.


Sting Interview


The Green Team talked to wrestling legend Sting this week!  He had interesting things to say about Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker and more!  Click below and listen.


Bachelor Sean Interview!

The Green Team talked to Bachelor Sean (Sean Lowe) from the new season of “The Bachelor” on ABC.  Check out what he had to say about all the bachelorettes!  Also, would he take Emily Maynard back, if she called and begged??  It’s must-hear radio!  Click below and listen.sean-lowe-bachelor


Interview with CMT’s Katie Cook!!

The Green Team spoke with Katie Cook of CMT about her new book “Little Big Benny”!  She also gave us some insight on who she believes will be the breakout star of country music in 2013!!  Her pick may surprise you.  It’s must hear radio!


Julie Andrews interview!

The Green Team talked to Hollywood legend Julie Andrews today!  The star of classic films like “Mary Poppins” and “The Sound of Music” spoke to Kelly and Bo about these timeless movies.  Also, how would she feel if they were ever re-made?  And which one does she think is better?  It’s must-hear radio, click below!