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Redneck Lazy!!

Lazy Redneck


It’s quickly become our most requested song–“Redneck Lazy” by Ken Folkes and the Farmaholics!  It’s our parody of Tyler Farr’s “Redneck Crazy”.  Click below and check it out!


Weevil Knievel Makes History

Bo Weevil’s alter-ego, Weevil Knievel, made history on March 20th, 2013, becoming the first person to officially swim in the new Carroll County Thousand-Acre Recreation Lake!

Kelly Green Gets His Pits WAXED!!

Here’s the exclusive video of Kelly Green paying off the “Christmas Tree of Cash” bet to Bo Weevil by getting his armpits WAXED!!


Here’s the Green Team video of the arm-wrestling challenge, as Weevil Knievel battled the NFL’s Michael Jasper of the Buffalo Bills! It did not end well for the official super hero of Carroll County! Epic fail!!


It’s nearly impossible to eat an entire tablespoon of cinnamon, without drinking any water. Weevil Knievel, Carroll County’s official super hero, successfully completed the “Cinnamon Challenge” on Thursday, June 23rd!! Watch the semi-impressive results here!

Leah Seawright-Bama Sky (with drummer Mark Herndon) LIVE

Here’s rising country star Leah Seawright performing “Bama Sky” live in the Carroll Bank & Trust Studios on June 22, 2011 with the Green Team! You may recognize her drummer–that’s Mark Herndon from the legendary group Alabama!